Team WP coming to Sengkang

As the year comes to a close, our Sengkang GRC colleagues MP He Ting Ru 何廷儒 and MP Raeesah Khan are at the tail end of their pregnancy


Until Jamus Lim introduced panettone into the political lexicon of Singapore on 11 Nov 2020, I, like a fair few Singaporeans I hazard,

Anti-Discrimination Law

The Singapore National Employers Federation's (SNEF) response of 16 Dec 2020 to a call for anti-discrimination laws targeted at errant

Polling Agent

Mdm Leong turns 71 years young in a couple of days. She came to my MPS this evening to share some of her observations

Collectors and Cotton

Renewed acquaintances with Alif and family and their amazing collection of F1 memorabilia during housevisits tonight


If I scored 233 for my PSLE, I would have been over the moon and doing cartwheels.

Edible Garden City

Joined an incredible team of individuals from all walks of life for dinner this week at their farm in Margaret Drive.

Eunos Vista Estate Walk

Bumped into Mr Phua, a recently retired 45-year veteran of HDB while inspecting a faulty exercise machine at Eunos Vista this morning.

Google Skills Ignition SG

Aljunied GRC MP Leon Perera and I met the representatives of the Google Asia-Pacific Government Affairs & Public Policy team last month.

121 - Aljunied GRC

There are other Blk 121s in Aljunied GRC but this one is located along Bedok Reservoir Road.


Another Saturday, another morning estate walk with the Eunos resident volunteer team.

Team AJ in Kovan

A good early morning outreach session with my Aljunied GRC colleagues

Deepavali Estate Walk

Nice to welcome some new volunteers during our estate walk in the Eunos ward of Aljunied GRC this morning

Community Hospital in Eunos

In February this year, the Ministry of Health (MOH) shared with me its plans for the construction of a community hospital

Long-Distance Housevisits

I thought I was only doing housevisits in my constituency this evening but thanks to Dila and family who were on a family video call

Calling from Buangkok

Don’t see coin-operated phones too often these days so it was a moment of nostalgia coming across one during an estate walk

We Go Again

A number of The Workers' Party MPs spoke on Party Chair and MP Ms Sylvia Lim and MP Ms He Ting Ru 何廷儒‘s motion on the justice system

Hello Compassvale!

Joined MP Raeesah Khan and her resident volunteer team on an estate walk in a precinct in the Compassvale ward of Sengkang GRC this morning.

A day with Eunos residents

Finally met Soh Rui Yong(苏睿勇)for a long-overdue lunch at British Hainan (the Kallang Way outlet) where Mr and Mrs Phua,