• Pritam Singh

10 Oct: World Mental Health Day

The Workers' Party acknowledges the increased attention and work undertaken by many in the community - both in and out of Government - to improve the mental health situation in Singapore.

Mental health well-being and/or awareness can be a very difficult subject to understand and appreciate. The perception that a hard-headed boss may see one’s distress as a sign of weaknesses, or dealing with a type-A personality who may not appreciate how others cope with the same realities, etc. can stop some from seeking help. The possibilities are vast and the spectrum is equally complex. I find reflecting on the subject challenging too because it takes all sorts to make up the world we live in (and learn from), and I do feel the learning journey (and even failure) can make a person stronger and better for the future too.

But if the physical, mental or emotional strain is beginning too creep up on you, it would be wise to speak to a professional - a counselor, a medical professional, a mental health specialist or even a friend.

The stigma that holds people back from seeking help has to go.

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