• Pritam Singh

121 - Aljunied GRC

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

There are other Blk 121s in Aljunied GRC but this one is located along Bedok Reservoir Road. A number of regulars frequent the coffeeshop located at this block and it was good to catch up with them and listen to their feedback this evening. We had a visitor from the Netherlands (just finished a 14-day SHN) who plans to stay till CNY to be with family. But it was especially nice to meet a new resident who resides in the Navian, a relatively newly-built condo in the constituency.

There are many little “coffeeshop kampungs” like this throughout Singapore and like them, this one is special because of the friendships and acquaintances that brings with it a sense of home and familiarity. And I am biased of course, but the food (+variety) available here at Blk 121 is excellent too!

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