• Pritam Singh

20210821 - National Day Flag Distribution 2021 (1)

The Eunos volunteers and I were happy to meet Eunos residents and friends this morning for our flag distribution day. Arising from the recent COVID-19 Heightened Alert, this event was previously postponed.

The Eunos volunteers and I are also looking forward to meeting residents again in person at the Eunos Meet-the-People Session next Monday at the void deck Blk 672 Jalan Damai from 7.30-9.30pm. I will come slightly earlier from 7pm in case / the likely event there are more cases than usual.

The Workers' Party MPs had earlier planned to restart MPS on 19 July as residents would have gathered from notices put up at your blocks last month. However, the Heightened Alert put paid to that plan. With the national plan calling for a calibrated opening, MPS will restart from next Monday with the prevailing safe distancing measures in place but without temperature screening. Please continue to email or contact your respective WP MP if your issue/matter does not require a face-to-face session and we will try our best to follow up accordingly.

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