• Pritam Singh


Surprise housevisits at Blk 609A today just as the sun set, unleashing beautiful hues of colour across the horizon. Blk 609A is a studio apartment built for senior citizens only a few years ago. I count many residents here as dear friends and I was glad many of them were home today. Met Mdm Tan just before she headed out for some exercise and particularly delighted to catch up Uncle Hamid and Aunty Ruth too. Only managed to cover half the block this evening, but good to know that the overwhelming majority of seniors have gone for their vaccination or are scheduled to go for it in the next week or so. Hope the numbers are similar for the remaining households in the block.

It’s been about 12 hours since my first dose. Apart from an achy upper arm, no other reactions. Back to the polyclinic in 3 weeks for the second jab!

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