• Pritam Singh


If I scored 233 for my PSLE, I would have been over the moon and doing cartwheels.

I met Sanisah at my Meet-the-People session last night who shared that her daughter wasn’t exactly the happiest over her PSLE score. So at Sanisah’s request, and in a first, I recorded a short video message reminding her dear daughter to keep her chin up as one of my “solutions” to a MPS case.

As I learn and experience everyday, the world of tomorrow will be very different from that of our parents. One dimensional; repetitive and routine work will be replaced with AI and new technology. The world of tomorrow will call for the worker of tomorrow - requiring a masterful combination of hard and soft skills. In that context, the PSLE is hardly going to matter at all. There will be more opportunities to chase that in the years to come. Seize them, even as the competition intensifies. And never underestimate yourself. You drive your own destiny.

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