• Pritam Singh


A long time ago, Kenny (who knows I am a Man U fan) messaged me on Facebook to say that he would love to take a picture with me in his Liverpool kit. Well, like most Liverpudlians, the last few years have seen a renaissance of the team, playing with a magic much like the Liverpool teams of 80s. Liverpool are in a bit of a blip at the moment (so are we unfortunately), so my “showdown” with King Kenny was really a meeting of equals! Football rivalries aside, what a guy! Thank you and Mum for your hospitality!

Mr Mohamed, Mdm Loy and all the other residents we visited last night were a pleasure to listen and talk to as well, and it was good to receive generally helpful and positive feedback about the TC’s work at the block. There are things that can be done better and it is always helpful to receive such feedback.

In the meantime, we “walk on with hope in our hearts” (that Spurs beat City this weekend)!

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