• Pritam Singh


Turn the clock back two years and not many would have heard of the video-conferencing application Zoom.

William is one of the new Aljunied-Hougang Town Council’s appointed councillors for this term. A resident of Lorong Ah Soo in the Paya Lebar ward of Aljunied GRC, he made a trip to the Blk 630 market in the Eunos ward where I met him for the first time in person during my rounds this morning. All our other interactions as fellow councillors have been via Zoom. It helps that he is an active councillor so we hit it off like we have known each other for years!

While COVID-19 continues to take its toll on lives and livelihoods, the overwhelming majority of residents, hawkers and proprietors have cooperated with national measures including getting vaccinated to make sure the healthcare system doesn’t buckle under the weight of serious / ICU cases. To that end, very large numbers of seniors have already been vaccinated and many others have got their booster shots. For those who have no medical reasons not to get vaccinated (especially seniors), please see your GP or a polyclinic doctor - ask your questions, and clear your doubts instead of forming your views solely based on unverified posts from WhatsApp University.

Helpful information on vaccination:

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