• Pritam Singh

Anti-Discrimination Law

"...Based on the findings (of a 2018 MOM survey), 69% of employers had put in place processes to ensure fair hiring practices and this proportion had been increasing steadily since 2010. Notwithstanding the progress made, the percentage of local jobseekers who perceived discrimination during job search process had increased from 10% in 2014 to 15% in 2018." - Source: MOM; Employment Standards Report 2019/2020

The Singapore National Employers Federation's (SNEF) response of 16 Dec 2020 to a call for anti-discrimination laws targeted at errant employers should be seen in the context of the above observation in the Ministry of Manpower's Employment Standards Report 2019/2020 released on 19 Nov 2020.

More needs to be done, and can be done. Laws to tackle discrimination will not affect the vast majority of employers with progressive HR policies.

Useful Links ------------ 1. Workplace Discrimination: Laws needed to hold errant employers to account: 2. MOM to look at beefing up resources to tackle unfair hiring practices says Tan See Leng: 3. Here's why workplace discrimination laws are not the way to go:

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