• Pritam Singh

Baking & Family - COVID Reflections I

I mused to myself, “This circuit-breaker has proved that necessity is the mother of all invention.” The queue at Redman by Phoon Huat @ Heartbeat Bedok, a baking supply shop was crazily long and worse, some ingredients of choice were sold out. That was about 6 months ago, even before GE2020.

COVID-19 and the WFH-routine saw many Singaporeans becoming bakers. My wife, my sister and so many countless Singaporeans turned to baking for their family and friends. And many kept in touch with family and friends by getting cakes etc. delivered to one another.

So when my wife and kids and I gathered at my mum and dad’s place and partook in some out-of-this-world fruitcake (baked by my sister) a few days ago (pre-Xmas Xmas celebrations!), a large part of the 2020 I would like to remember was captured by this picture (......being Punjabi, no cake is complete without masala tea!).

To family, and to the friends I call family, may the warmth and comfort of family always embrace you, especially when times get tough. And to my Christian friends, a blessed Christmas to all of you!

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