• Pritam Singh

Beautiful Eunos

I’ve been a member of Team Eunos of Aljunied GRC for close to 10 years now. All these years, our housevisits/estate walk teams and I have made it a point to make our visits/inspections unannounced ones. We tend to get a more accurate picture of the ground situation in such circumstances.

In the course of our estate walk today, arising from live feedback, AHTC Property Officer Affandi and Conservancy Foreman Afjal joined in to address some issues raised. I thanked them for their part in looking after the estate. But a special thanks is due to many residents who have played their part in keeping their neighbourhood warm and welcoming. Thank you!

Throughout the morning, we met a fair number of seniors and it was cool to have long extended chats with them - good to know they have registered themselves for vaccine shots in the week/s to come. Please get vaccinated when your turn comes!

Vaccine Information -

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