• Pritam Singh

Blk 623 BRR

The Workers' Party MPs restarted house-visits alongside our Meet-the-People sessions last week. I was at Blk 623 in the Eunos ward of Aljunied GRC this evening and was happy to run into many familiar faces.

Judy and I meet each other at our local market in Eunos every now and then. Her neighbour Mrs Lee runs a florist shop at the Haig Road market - we meet during Hammer sales at that market ever so often too!

COVID-19 has meant that the Workers’ Party hasn’t been out to sell the party newsletter - The Hammer - on Sunday mornings for sometime now. We are looking to restart as soon as practicable, in step with the gradual return to normalcy with COVID-19 accepted as an endemic reality. Speaking of normalcy, nothing beats listening and communicating with residents and friends face-to-face, and sharing their happy moments. I also met Vijay and his family who were celebrating the birthday of their daughter. It was small and intimate affair but an extremely meaningful one too. COVID hasn’t been easy for many families, but if there was a silver lining for some, it was being closer and closest to the ones who matter the most.

P.S - I will be back soon to visit a few more homes that I couldn’t cover due to time constraints.

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