• Pritam Singh

BNSS Screening Centre in Eunos

When there is a large-scale event that needs management and coordination, it helps to have individuals who were vocationally trained as combat engineers during their national service days.

About two weeks ago, the former Bedok North Secondary School site in Eunos was activated as a regional screening centre under the charge of the Health Promotion Board, Singapore. Apart from carrying out daily swabbing, after 1pm, the centre is reserved to cater for vehicles conveying persons under quarantine. At another end of the centre, an area has been set aside to test individuals displaying symptoms of ARI (Acute Respiratory Infection). It follows that HPB has to balance a number of site considerations, for example, preventing inter-mingling between different groups of people.

For residents living at Jalan Damai in the Eunos ward of Aljunied GRC - in particular those at Blk 662-664 - the activation of the screening centre has seen the HDB service roads near their blocks congested with vehicles, workers, etc. While enforcement operations have been conducted against errant drivers, these are opportunistic and sporadic.

I have visited the screening centre a few times now to talk with HPB officers and to see how the problem can be alleviated. Fortuitously, an acquaintance from my National Service days - Mr Chin (and a combat engineer!) - is part of the HPB team in charge of all the 7 screening centres in the Eastern part of Singapore.

Mr Chin and I met on site today. In view of the feedback, small lorries have been diverted into the screening centre to park after embarking/disembarking workers from today. HPB is also looking to deploy more traffic marshalls to better control traffic while maintaining safety considerations for users of the screening centre, and in doing so, reducing the prospect of congestion and illegal parking at Blk 662-664. The HPB team is also looking at other parking options within the BNSS site which require some site preparation, so as to contain activities within the screening centre as far as possible.

To the residents of Jalan Damai, I know it has been a challenging two weeks so far, especially with many of you working from home. There is also the concern of many workers walking to and from the screening centre through the void decks of your blocks. The HPB team are doing their best to reduce inconvenience to residents and I ask for everyone’s understanding. Even so, do drop your feedback to me anytime at and I will do my best and work with the agencies involved to make things better.

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