• Pritam Singh

Calling from Buangkok

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Don’t see coin-operated phones too often these days so it was a moment of nostalgia coming across one during an estate walk in MP Ms He Ting Ru 何廷儒‘s Buangkok ward of Sengkang GRC this morning.

Some of the blocks we visited today are older than most in Sengkang and it was nice to speak to a fair number of senior residents, to ask about their families and the estate in general.

The Sengkang team are keeping a close watch on the lived experience - cleanliness, pest control, horticulture etc. - of residents in Sengkang town so please do not hesitate to share your feedback with the Town Council or the MPs directly!

You can see your MPs directly, or call the Sengkang Town Council at 65909700!

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