• Pritam Singh

Collectors and Cotton

Renewed acquaintances with Alif and family and their amazing collection of F1 memorabilia during housevisits tonight, some of which can now command a tidy profit on the collector’s market. Alif started collecting to-scale F1 cars from the 2003 season but stopped displaying them after the 2018 season for reasons of both practicality and necessity. First, he has run out of display space and second, because F1 cars today are slightly longer and as such, the scale models don’t fit in his glass cupboard! Ok, there is a third reason too, albeit connected with the first - IKEA doesn’t make the same glass cabinets anymore! One of his gems includes a miniature helmet signed by Lewis Hamilton when the latter won a race at the Singapore Grand Prix some years back.

Like Aliff’s collection of cars, many residents at Blk 650 have other interesting hobbies too. I for one have taken a deeper interest in the various plants that residents nurture along the common corridors or in their homes. Mrs Tong for example has successfully planted cotton, something you don’t exactly see everyday!

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