• Pritam Singh

Edible Garden City

Joined an incredible team of individuals from all walks of life for dinner this week at their farm in Margaret Drive. They grow vegetables and other edibles. I have been thinking of ways to bring an urban farming movement to the Eunos community in a bigger, but sustainable way. The RC gardens have always been one traditional and effective channel. But can there be other models? The upcoming Neighbourhood Renewal Programs in Jalan Damai and Jalan Tenaga could be one entry point if the residents are in agreement. Let me know your thoughts if you have some ideas!

More than just growing vegetables what I took away from the visit to the Citizen Farm was the culture this social enterprise seeks to create and inculcate in Singaporeans - respect for nature, conservation, mental well-being, consciousness, avoidance of wastage and the list goes on - all through urban farming. Thank you Bjorn, Samuell and team! I had a wonderful time.

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