• Pritam Singh

Estate Walk @ 137

Sometimes you meet residents who are much closer than you think! I have know Mr Woon for many years since I became an MP in Eunos. He was an ex-student of Mr Low Thia Khiang when the latter was teaching at Pei Dao Secondary School shortly after graduating from Nantah.

Mr Woon has been working at SIA Engineering Company for many years. By sheer coincidence, we bumped into his former supervisor, Mr Muhd Syed, who is now retired. They used to car-pool to work in the past! We had a long talk about the aviation sector and how many workers are keeping their head up and staying strong as best they can in these tough times.

In other news, Eunos division of Aljunied GRC may well be making a serious contribution to the national cricket team is years to come! These boys showed great batting and bowling technique with their mini-bat and tennis ball this morning! They also made a promise to look out for the old folks who exercise in the area!

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