• Pritam Singh


A great night for house visits thanks to excellent weather and even better conversations! A superb combination!

Mr Koh’s home exudes a calm and serenity that I believe originates from the Tibetan prayer flags that adorn his home. As we took a picture together, the flags began to flutter in the cool evening breeze.

I spent some time exploring Ladakh in India more than 10 years ago and I recall seeing many such prayer flags hung in high places and monasteries. The Tibetan Buddhist belief is that the prayers and mantras on the flags, carried in the wind, will bless all living things.

Like me, Mr Koh was a combat engineer in his army days (Enlistment - 1981!). We coincidentally also trained on similar equipment and I was posted to the same unit more than 15 years later. National Service is indeed an inter-generational adhesive!

Mr Koh’s neighbours, sisters Christina and Janice are also good friends and while they do not keep cats at home, count themselves as special friends of the felines in the area. Two community cats in particular are well-known to them and others in the block. Separately, a shout-out to the cat feeders in Eunos - thank you for your civic-consciousness and for being awesome community partners.

And as we welcome Pongal tomorrow, Satish and Madhuri started celebrations early with a dish of berries for their two children. Grateful to have had a chat with the family and to say hi to their two princesses - Karthika and Diya! To all those who celebrate the festival, especially members of the Tamil community - Happy Pongal!

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