• Pritam Singh

Google Skills Ignition SG

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Aljunied GRC MP Leon Perera and I met the representatives of the Google Asia-Pacific Government Affairs & Public Policy team last month over lunch to discuss a broad range of matters including how Google supports job opportunities for locals in Singapore.

The Google team shared some initiatives and of interest was Google’s participation in the Skills Ignition SG programme which seeks to train up to 3000 job seekers in either digital marketing or cloud technology.

The deadline for the first round of applications closed in August this year. But a new round of applications to the programme has just reopened.

The programme is open to all Singaporeans and PRs who are currently not employed. The eligibility criteria, prerequisites and other FAQs and details are found in the link here:

Of particular interest to Leon and I was Google’s enlightened recruitment culture which recognises diversity. While entry to the programme will undoubtedly be competitive, I hope eligible Singaporeans who have an interest in the IT industry, particularly digital marketing or cloud technology seriously consider applying.

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