• Pritam Singh

Happy Dumpling Festival!

I partook in the dumpling festival festivities a few days ago last week thanks to the generosity of my resident Mrs Chua who cooked two different types of dumplings for me and my family, a Hokkien variant, and another closer to her heart, a Nyonya version.

Needless to say, both variants were gobbled up - with some extras shared with my neighbours. The Nyonya version is sweeter but when you’re hungry and your mouth is watering, it doesn’t matter so much does it?

The legend/s behind the dumpling or Dragon Boat Festival are equally rich and they revolve around a significant personality widely revered in Chinese history for his poetry, and loyalty - Qu Yuan.

The Smithsonian Magazine has a fascinating article detailing the origins of the dumpling or dragon boat festival. Check it out!

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