• Pritam Singh

Happy Tamil New Year

Blessings and good wishes to all my Tamil friends on the occasion of Puthandu. As is the case every year, these few days also see other local South Asian communities celebrating their festive events with the Malayalee community celebrating Vishu and the Sikhs, Vesakhi. But it doesn’t stop there.

Our Buddhist friends commemorate “Songkran” which comes from a Sanskrit which loosely means transformation/change. In fact, various communities in countries like Nepal, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and even some communities in China recognise the day as signifying their New Year.

Whatever your tradition, faith or belief system, Have a blessed day ahead with your family and loved ones!

Edit - In the spirit of the post, Vivek messaged me to add that the Telugu and Kanda communities celebrated Ugadi yesterday! Best wishes and blessings too!

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