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Hello Compassvale!

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Joined MP Raeesah Khan and her resident volunteer team on an estate walk in a precinct in the Compassvale ward of Sengkang GRC this morning. The Sengkang team took over the Sengkang Town Council (SKTC) earlier this week and have henceforth taken ownership and responsibility for the common areas and facilities in Sengkang GRC.

To that end, the SKTC has decided to retain the Managing Agents for the area when it was under Pasir-Ris Punggol TC and Ang Mo Kio TC respectively, namely EM Services and CPG. The contractors in charge of conservancy, horticulture, pest control etc. amongst others also remain the same.

I took the chance to speak to a cleaner after I parked my car at the MSCP and I was pleased to note that the transition between Town Councils was seamless for him. Raeesah also received some useful feedback from residents which she will take back and consider with the SKTC. TC management can be a steep learning curve and even more so if one isn’t on the ground, so I am particularly encouraged to see all my brother and sister WP MPs and members taking their ground outreach very seriously since the last elections!

Please do not hesitate to contact SKTC or to meet the Sengkang GRC MPs in person at their Meet-the-People sessions for any Town Council related matters. Thank you!

SKTC contact number: 65909700 SKTC Email:

Sengkang MPS and MP contact details:

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