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Housevisits and History

Dropped in to finish up housevisits at Blk 655 this evening. It was a walk down memory lane for Rai and Florence, who moved into their flat some years back. Rai actually grew up here in the 1970s, and fondly remembers the Jalan Damai area even before the Blk 650-672 cluster was constructed (see picture 1 with the newly built Blk 633-649 Jalan Tenaga precinct, completed in 1992 in the background). Rai remembered the neighbourhood being hilly, (hence, the area is also known as Kaki Bukit or “foothills”) with the old Masjid Alkaff mosque located at the top of a hill (see picture 2). The area was subsequently flattened for redevelopment and the mosque was relocated about 1km away, where it currently stands at the junction of Kaki Bukit Avenue 1 and Bedok Reservoir Road.

A new family had also just moved into the block. Ibnu and his wife informed me that I was the first person to enter their new abode apart from their contractor! It was nice to welcome them. Shared some details with them and other residents in the block about the upcoming HDB-funded Neighbourhood Renewal Programme which will see the Town Council managing an upgrade of the common properties in the Blk 650-672 cluster with new playgrounds, drop-off points and other amenities planned, subject to residents’ feedback. 4 blocks in this cluster will also see their lifts replaced with works set to start from late this year to the first half of next year, with Blk 655 being one of them. The remaining blocks in the cluster will see their lifts upgraded from 2022/23.

Residents of Eunos - Do you have any old pictures of the Jalan Damai and Jalan Tenaga estates or their surrounding areas before the HDB blocks were built here? Share them with me! It would be interesting to consider how the Town Council could integrate the history of the area into the upcoming Neighbourhood Renewal Programme. As many older residents remind me every now and then, the rich history of the Eunos ward of Aljunied GRC includes a rich political history - with very close contests between the PAP and The Workers' Party in the 1988 and 1991 general elections when the area came under the now defunct Eunos GRC.

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