• Pritam Singh

It has been a heavy two plus weeks in Parliament. Actually, it has been intense since the beginning of February! Five WP MPs spoke and proposed amendments to a motion on climate change filed by PAP backbenchers.

Shortly thereafter, it was straight into the usual busy Budget and Committee of Supply (COS) debates. Apart from scrutinizing the Finance Minister’s budget statement, our approach was three pronged.

First, looking at local issues such as childcare / infant care places and more commercial spaces for residents in Sengkang GRC.

Second, focusing on the national prong - questioning petrol duty hikes, scams affecting Singaporeans, Medishield Life premiums, work injury compensation for Singaporeans workers, expanding rental options for Singaporeans in need, the impact of COVID-19 on arts practitioners, other ways of dealing with middlemen fees involving foreign workers, amongst others - provide a sampling of the many issues raised.

And finally, proposing policy alternatives, such as introducing national institutions to improve the accountability of outcomes in the context of a one-party dominant state.

Some progress though. The WP has been concerned about the out-of-pocket healthcare expenses for senior citizens. A more flexible usage of Medisave has been an issue that we have pursued for some time and a manifesto point no less, a subject that has also been raised by some PAP MPs too. The Ministry of Health COS debates saw the Government announcing an increase in the quantum of Flexi-Medisave usage from $200 to $300.

Tracking the work of the WP MPs in Parliament can be a challenge. The Workers' Party Facebook and Instagram pages are very useful with videos and infographics. Added to this now is a LO website, where members of the public can find a one-stop repository hosting the Parliamentary questions and speeches of all WP MPs, and other information of interest.

Please use it to share your feedback and concerns about national issues of concern. We will do our best to make your vote count!

Useful links:

WP Webpage: Leader of the Opposition Webpage:


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