• Pritam Singh

Mid-Autumn Festival

My earliest memories of the Mid-Autumn Festival dates back to when my family stayed at Sims Drive. Mum would buy lanterns from the sundry shop at Blk 45 next to the HDB area office. My sister and I would carefully affix lit candles into these old-school cellophane paper lanterns and take so much delight at walking around the void deck and playing with other children who lived in the block.

From all the festivals celebrated in Singapore, the Mid-Autumn Festival is unique in that it is incredibly accessible to children and adults of all races and faiths, even as it is an important featival for the Chinese community. If lanterns aren’t your thing, oh the mooncakes…. This year, one of the new Eunos volunteers, Linda, shared her home-made mooncakes with me. Verdict? The standard is macam can enter competition kind! (which also explains why there are only two left)

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to all! And thank you to my many Chinese friends who have made it such an inclusive festival for the other races and communities.

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