• Pritam Singh


At MediaCorp Studios waiting for the National Day Rally to start. I am sitting behind Aishah, a single mother of five boys. She works for Dnata at Changi Airport. Originally with Passenger Services, the onset of COVID-19 resulted in her undertaking some “national service” at Whampoa Community Club, helping out People’s Association staff with the issuance of TraceTogether tokens, amongst other responsibilities like housevisits. After 8 months or so, the company asked if she wanted to move to Cargo Services and today she is a Warehouse Agent with dnata, retrained and adept at handling a forklift too.

Aishah is grateful to her employer for looking after her and her colleagues’ employment prospects through COVID-19. But her personal motivation left me with only admiration, “As a mother of 5 boys and as a woman, I want my children to know that if I can do it, they can too.” Her secret? A positive attitude.

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