• Pritam Singh

Polling Agent

Mdm Leong turns 71 years young in a couple of days. She came to my MPS this evening to share some of her observations in the course of volunteering for The Workers' Party as a polling agent in East Coast GRC.

Polling agents are appointed by the election agents of candidates. Their duty is to ensure that an election is carried out in accordance to the law. As a small party, we rely a lot on volunteers like Mdm Leong. Their participation also helps to demystify the political process and the voting secrecy. Any Singaporean can be a polling agent as long as he/she is a Singaporean, not a primary or secondary school student, not an undischarged bankrupt, and has not had an order of supervision made against him/her under the Criminal Law (Temporary Provisions) Act. To that end, more seniors should follow Mrs Leong’s lead and sign up as polling agents in future!

But even as we welcome Phase 3 at the end of the month as announced by the Prime Minister earlier today, COVID-19 has not allowed the Party to hold our usual thank you lunch for volunteers. It has been a matter of some regret for the Party that we have not been able to do so. But as we all recognise, public health considerations are far more important in the circumstances.

Thank you Mrs Leong, and thank you to every polling agent who helped us out at GE2020.

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