• Pritam Singh

Power Outage @ Blk 142

Dropped into Eunos ward of Aljunied GRC last night to check on the recovery of an electricity outage affecting households living at one section of Blk 142 Bedok Reservoir Road that is served by Lift C. A component in the power supply system that supplies power to some units overheated, resulting in a small fire. The SCDF responded quickly, putting out the flames and thereafter informed residents that it was safe to stay in their units while the Town Council’s contractors worked to restore power.

Grateful to AHTC property staff who came back to work - particularly Zi Wei, Imran, Mike and Gary for addressing the issue on the ground. Zi Wei and Imran were instrumental in working with the EMSU team and electrical contractors on the ground while Mike and Gary went floor by floor to update residents. When the team realised that one home needed electricity supply more urgently to ease the rest of a senior in their household, Imran worked with the EMSU team to extend supply from another part of their block directly to the unit. Electricity was progressively restored to all units from 2am with power restored for the last household shortly after 5am.

The AHTC team and I thank residents for their forbearance as the problem took longer to troubleshoot and resolve than we expected. Grateful to meet some residents (like the Rahim family who were in their house with me at the gate!) who shone bright with friendliness despite the darkness!

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