• Pritam Singh

Studio 609A

Wrapped up visits to the sole studio apartment block in Eunos last night. Happy to check in again with Team GX’s Pauline and Shirley. Team GX or ‘Golden Connexxion’ is a ground-up initiative which sought to create a connected kampung at Blk 609A. This group of residents has been at the forefront of making connections with AHTC, the local FSC, SCDF and many other authorities. And they have done splendidly, putting meaning into the phrase active aging - through pro-active action.

But 2020 has been rough on Team GX. Two of its stalwarts, Henney and Betty, both dear friends of mine, passed on because of natural causes. The isolation prompted by COVID-19 has also been unhelpful.

Even so, the kampung continues to flourish. Good to know the Agency for Integrated Care - AIC Singapore has been touching base with residents in the block lately. Some useful feedback for the TC and I to consider from yesterday and the week before’s housevisits.

We’ll see how we can better the living environment here. Vaccination rates (taken first jab or scheduled in the next 2 weeks) remain exceedingly high for all senior citizens residing here.

I remember joining some of GX’s kampung activities in the past in Henney’s home and joining the team for birthday celebrations and even visiting the Bicentennial exhibition, amongst others over the last few years.

I miss Henney and Betty.

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