• Pritam Singh

Super 107

My volunteers and I slowly made inroads visiting households at Blk 107 today. I say slowly because we had a splendid time engaging and chit-chatting with various residents at the block. The residents of Blk 107 must rank as one of the more closely knit communities I have come across in Eunos because the neighbours are super close to one another. Another unique attribute of the block is the fair number of residents who have moved from other blocks in the area over the years and remained in the constituency as a result. Or they are like Zul, who stays a few blocks away but comes by to look after his grandma whenever he can.

Mr Lingam decided a picture was in order and I most certainly agreed, not least because his neighbour Tony was wearing a 2017 shirt commemorating the The WP Community Fund walk held in conjunction with 60th anniversary of the founding of The Workers' Party! The scene was replicated on many floors - repeat stories of residents sharing their gratefulness for having good neighbours who looked after one another. Hirman and Yati have me some feedback which I will try my best to address but were, like their neighbours, happy with their surroundings.

Once again, that Chinese saying holds true - better to have close neighbours than distant relatives. Blk 107 is proof of that. Will be back soon!

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