• Pritam Singh

The Workers' Party

It was the 1980s. Mr Low and Mr Lim Ee Ping would be out selling the party newsletter, The Hammer. Mrs Low would also join in, with a stack in her hand. But no one would buy a copy. Or if they did, it would be with a peek over their shoulder or with furtive glances.

Fast forward close to more than 30 years later. It was cool to have all of them in the LO’s office looking back and reflecting on their experiences with the Workers’ Party. Barbara, Uncle Ee Ping’s daughter joined us and I was delighted to host them. Uncle Ee Ping joined the party in 1959 and after the last elections he gifted me a which is displayed prominently on a bookshelf in the office! Since its founding, the party and those who stood with it have been through many trials and tribulations. But Mr Low’s endeavour to make the WP commit to a brand of rational, responsible and respectable politics was, if not a turning point, a critical waypoint.

There is a lot of work ahead yet. Majulah Singapura!

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