• Pritam Singh

We Go Again

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

A late end to Parliament today. A number of The Workers' Party MPs spoke on Party Chair and MP Ms Sylvia Lim and MP Ms He Ting Ru 何廷儒‘s motion on the justice system which was filed as follows:

SINGAPORE'S JUSTICE SYSTEM: That this House affirms that fairness, access and independence are cornerstones of Singapore's justice system and calls on the Government to recognise and remedy its shortcomings in order to enhance justice for all, regardless of means or social status, including facilitating a review of the justice system.

We put forward several suggestions to the Government, some of which were raised in our GE2020 manifesto, including others which we believed would improve the criminal justice system in Singapore. Even though the motion was amended, it was important for us to make our views known in Parliament. Do look up our speeches and exchanges with Ministers and other MPs on The Workers' Party Facebook page in the day/s to come.

Thank you to the many members of public who wrote to us with your feedback and your experience of the justice system. A special thank you to the Parliament staff for their work and support too - it is much appreciated.

It’s a new day today. We go again.


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