• Pritam Singh

YPO (Singapore Chapter) Talk

I gave a talk earlier this month at invitation of the Singapore Chapter of the Young President’s Organisation. The audience and YPO members fielded some very thoughtful and provocative (and difficult!) questions after the talk, all of which I appreciated. The session was carried out under Chatham House rules so I can’t get into those questions, but like many Singaporeans, we all want a better and successful Singapore - and why not? Here’s an excerpt of my speech with the full speech linked below:

“The three fault-lines I identified—between public and private, local and foreign, East and West—can all be seen as symptoms of Singapore’s growing pains or the reality of the times. They are visible manifestations of deeper transitions taking place as the country enters a new phase of its history. On one level, they signal a stronger sense of nationalism. Singaporeans are becoming more assured of their identity after decades of independence. They are keen to guard what has taken so much toil and sacrifice to build. Yet there are others amongst us also eager to seek new vistas and avenues, to question the things we have taken for granted. That also comes from a place of care and concern for one’s country. Whether or not they are aware of it, Singaporeans on opposite ends of these different debates are really pursuing the same thing: a better society, a Singapore that truly lives up to its highest ideals.”

Full Speech:

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